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trading plc

” Heremu trading PLC is a multi-lateral company established in 2020 for producing different chemical products for export as well as local market in Ethiopia.

Currently we are producing different types of solid and liquid sodium silicate which is important raw material for soap and detergents, for paper and construction industries which is import substitute for the country. ”



Our new factory is equipped with the latest technology to produce quality products. Sodium silicate is a colorless compound that is soluble in water and has a variety of industrial uses. It is valued for its ability to act as a binder, adhesive, and sealant, as well as its fire-resistant properties. Additionally, it is used in the manufacturing of detergents, drilling fluids, and ceramics. Sodium silicate is also environmentally friendly and is considered safe for use in a wide range of applications.

Our chemical manufacturing service include

  • ixing and blending custom chemicals and cleaning chemicals
  • chemical solutions
  • bottle filling service,including glass ampoules
  • support on product development and design
  • pro typing new formulations
  • packing, repacking and labeling
  • delivering and export, either to your premises or directly to your client

Eco friendly

Sodium silicate chemical factories can be made more Eco-friendly by implementing measures such as reducing water usage, optimizing energy consumption, implementing waste management strategies, and using raw materials from sustainable sources. Additionally, investing in research and development can lead to the creation of new, greener production processes that are less harmful to the environment.